9am On the road to Lotusphere

On the radio: ZZ Top, Tube Snake Boogie

Well, David Bockes and I are finally on the road to Lotusphere from Dallas. Instead of starting around 5am as was originally planned, we got started at 10:30. For those of you who know me…no big suprise there. Anyway, the first order of business was to determine where a T-Mobile Hotspot Starbucks was located along the route.

Starbucks at LongviewFirst stop:  Starbucks, Longview, TXDavid checking the map at Starbucks
Grande mocha frappucino, email replication, and a few chats to the office. Read Richard Schwartz blog entry for a Lotusphere aggregator (gee, that’s a good idea 😉

Back on the road and a massive wreck on I-20 just east of Longview. One car was on both sides of the highway if you know what I mean. Have to check the news tonight, but I’m afraid there’s going to be a few deads in that one.