3pm Lafayette traffic jam and Buck Nutty’s

We’re on 49 almost to I-10 when traffic comes to a complete stall…another accident. Everybody’s going off-road so we follow suit. In snaking around the backroads, we’re entering some real interesting neighborhoods. Stuck in the middle of a bunch of single-wides, we come across Buck Nutty’s Skate Ranch.

Buck Nutty's Skate Ranch

Now this is some quality entertainment here. When we passed this place, we immediately had to slam on the brakes (on a gravel road), so here we are kicking up a ton of dust and making a racket. We pull into the driveway of this single-wide (Winnie the Pooh was on tv), and turn around. We go back to get our picture in a hurry because we’re sure that someone, like the old guy out walking his blue heeler, is going be pulling out the 12-gauge and start asking disturbing questions like, “Can you squeal like a pig.” So here you go, we risked ourselves just for you.

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  1. my son is coming in from philly…. where are ya at so he can ride??? do you have a phone # ? my phone is: 337-365-8266 Thanks..

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